European politics in Hamburg

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg cares deeply about Europe. As a port city, it has long conducted trade with and for its European neighbours. The city’s dynamic development is closely linked with the European unification process: In recent decades, Hamburg has strongly benefited from the achievements of European integration. These include the removal of customs borders, the introduction of the Euro and the establishment of the Common Market.
In this regard, one of the most important guiding principles of the Senate of Hamburg is to shape European decision-making processes actively with a view to Hamburg’s interests as well as to make use of the advantages of the European Union and inform its citizens about Europe.


Hamburg is one of the most Europe-friendly federal states of Germany due to its interests, location and traditions. As a lively and cosmopolitan Hanseatic city it therefore supports the continued advancement of the European Union.
The Senate of Hamburg is actively involved in the decision-making processes to further the interests of the city. This is especially true for key policy fields such as finance and transport, research and innovation as well as environmental and climate protection.
Close cooperation with the European institutions is indispensable in this process. This takes place on three main levels: European, federal and state level.
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European politics affect the entire public. The State Chancellery supports the decentralized public relations work, e.g. through different events designed to bring European policy issues closer to the citizens. Regular annual events to that effect are the “Europawoche” (Europe Week) with the “Lange Nacht der Konsulate” (Long Night of the Consulates).
The “Lange Nacht der Konsulate” offers interested people an opportunity to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the consulates and learn more about each country represented.
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